10 reasons to attend G Quasar 2015

With 75% attendance criteria, getting debarred fear, assignments, quiz’s, CAT’s, semester exams, internal and external practical exams and now, mid-term practical exams as well, a Galgotian spends his 80% of time each day thinking about his career and academics and well other 20 % is dedicated to sleep and food or else talking to their better halves. This surely makes them deserve a great break, after all, the future CEO’s love to party ( Wolf on the Wall Street style ) . Month of march is the harbinger of excitement amongst the students of Galgotias Educational Institutions. Afterall, it’s the month when they host their Annual techno cultural fest, G Quasar and well, for those of you who don’t know about it (Dear aliens), it’s the biggest college festival among private colleges in North India. G Quasar offers a wide variety of events & activities to choose from. Sounds fun?

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1. North India’s Biggest College Festival among private institutions :

G Quasar, true to its name every year is able to outshine its competitors and make sure that it’s worth watching for their competitors by following a new theme every year with surprise elements added as well.




There are many different kinds of college students, be it the nerds, their wannabe sidekicks, the back-benchers or the ones who are never seen in class. The one thing they’ll all agree to? They love G Quasar. From technical to cultural, there is a wide range of events, enough to suit every individual’s interests and taste! Such a plethora of events, that too, all in one place, at the same time! Prom Night, dance, music, street play, chai pe charcha, date trap, you name it, you’ll have it. Besides all those events, we also have our traditional performing arts’ competitions. There are so many things happening simultaneously at G Quasar at any given point of time. It is truly breathtaking.


Hot girls showing off their legs in mini skirts, overly ambitious geeky nerds who are obsessed with winning every damn technical event out there, tensed organising committee members, cute guys with the shining smiles , Hot hunks with neatly spiked geled hair. In short, the hottest audience of this fest is surely one major reason that it is one of the coolest fest.

All of your devotion and prayers all these 9 days of highly auspicious and spiritual time will be rewarded. And the first indication for the same is G Quasar’s first day falls on the last day of Navratri. All these days you stayed away from proper food or maybe you just had food without onion and garlic. Now as the restrictions go away, what could be a better time to party ?
Afterall, now you can have good food and well, ummm …. 😉

Get ready to be surprised as your professor who striked your attendance for talking in class, unleash his other side . Dancing and singing with your faculty in these 2 days, well, what can be more cooler than that?

Well, college fests are amazing times ! While many love birds break up, the broken hearts find another piece to fit with their’s in the fest. And as I say, Love is never forever, you are meant to be single for never. With so many people with common interests at a single arena, if that’s not cupid indication, then what is? And een if you are into anti dating stuff, does it hurt to not have a great social circle? Well, we believe not 😉

True to his name , his speedy rap skills have led him to be claimed as India’s fastest rapper. Taking up Eminem as idol while creating Punjabi music, he is surely ready to give the audience a memorable time on Sunday, 29th March. Afterall, Swag sadda Desi hai !
8. Sunburn Campus featuring Zaeden & Mile High Club :

Yes it’s true, G Quasar get’s a new surprise this year. Addition of EDM taste to the festival as in association with Sunburn Campus, they have roped in Zaeden & MHC to energize the crowd.
Zaeden, the cutest DJ of the nation (Yes girls, you heard it right) is the first Indian DJ to sign the deal with Spinnin’ Records and as well his remix of Coldplay’s famous song Magic was featured on Hardwell On Air (Yes, EDM lovers, that’s true !).


9 . Theme is NEON :
Neon is fun. Neon is bold. Neon is the future. Neon is you. Others may consider neon having an illusion, but for us, it is about facing realism, embracing true hues of life. Neon like the Youth, is inert until it is enkindled to incinerating energy. Neon is bold like the choices we make. Neon’s vibrancy represents our enthalpy. Pageants would be such a dull affair without neon lights adding an aura to them. The tantalizing dance, titillating music, expressive drama, cosmic literature, enigmatic technical, spectacle fashion, invigorating photography and opulent management events with the interplay of electrifying celebrity performances are ready to impart true shades of joyousness and leave you bedazzled.
10. Last but my favorite, FOOD:
Here’s the best part, incredible food stalls serving a wide variety of food. The best part of our lives, relish it in G Quasar.
There are many uncountable reasons to attend G Quasar, well, am kind of laziness lover so quoted 10 out of them. Will meet you in G Quasar. What? You’re still not coming? You then surely need a doctor.
If you are in your senses, you won’t miss this.
For insider passes, contact registration desks for help whereas outsiders can buy pass via http://www.meraevents.com/event/gquasar.

fest season


Galgotias Students Clubs Achievements

Dear Students,

Greetings of the day and welcome back !

Galgotians are known for their exquisite personality which is a perfect blend of great intellect, passion, determination, confidence and talent. With each Galgotian shining in field of academics, Galgotias college and Galgotias University offers a platform to each of its student where they can hone their skills of different talents and also that of marketing, management, accounting and public speaking which prepares them to be the global leaders in the market of the competition in present world.

At Galgotias apart from continuing efforts to help and encourage students spread awareness, gain education, & achieve appreciation,We have Galgotia student-clubs to accentuate the extra curricular aspect. With over 40+ different clubs, we have vision to promote fellowship, share richness and diversity of the cultures and foster the social aspect and also strive to inform, inspire and connect students on a platform where they can exchange knowledge, build awareness, generate interest and receive recognition. Galgotians have always shined among the rest and have ensured that everyone is left dazzled by their aura.

Here is a summary of the book of the year that went by and an insight to what we are about to write this year.


Music Club

Galgotias Music Club

Galgotias Music Club


  • Nemesis the band from GEI won the War of Bands at Udbhav’14, Indraprastha College ofEngineering(IPEC), Ghaziabad on 6th march ’14.
  • Abhinav Tripathi of GCET music club along with Aditya from Jaypee won the 2nd prize in the Duet Rap Battle at Converge ’14 on Feb. 28th.
  • Mohammad Salman of GU music club won the 1st prize in solo singing at Mosaic ’14 on 7th march.
  • Pratyush Srivastava of GCET music club was guest performer as well as media partner(UPTU/DU Khabar) at Accenture’14, Acharya Narendra Dev College on 17th Feb.
  • Pratul Vishera of GCET music club performed with his sufi/qawwali band Ibaadat at Live Band Fridays @CafeLife Passion Karma on 9th and 21st feb’14.
  • SILEMUKH, won the battle of bands held at NIU on 5th May ’14.
  • Ibaadat, secured the 2nd position at the battle of bands held at NIU on 5th May ’14.
  • SHRINKHALA, another band from college secured the 2nd position in the battle of bands held at Galgotia college during G-QUASAR ’14.
  • Students of Galgotias college AnkitGodle and Utkarsh Dev Chowdhary
  • Released an album Sufi Electronica by the group name Soul Raaga.

Rotract Awards

Galgotias Rotaract Club

Galgotias Rotaract Club


  • Award for Best public image
  • Award for Max no. Of blood units collected in one camp
  • Award for taking initiative on suraksha and breast cancer awareness.

Dramatics Club

Galgotias Dramatics Club

Galgotias Dramatics Club

  • WINNERS in IILM ,UPTU khabar fest,G-quasar 2014
  • Secured3rd position in canvas SRM fest in DUtalkatora stadium !

Dance Club

Galgotias Dance Club

Galgotias Dance Club


  • Participated in Antragani 2011
  • Proud Gquasar 2013 2nd runner up
  • Proud Gquasar 2014 winners
  • Secured 1st position at IILM 2014
  • Secured 2nd position at pearl fashion academy 2014

Litreary Club

Galgotias Literary Club

Galgotias Literary Club


  • Shivali Unishre–First prize in writing comp. in JIIMS 2013

Technical Club
Galgotias Technical Club

  • Two teams selected for Texas instrumentation inovation challenge 2015
  • Participated in INDIAN ROBOTICS OLYMPIAD & represented our college.
  • Anwesha 2014 (IIT Patna Techfest) :1st prize in “Catch me if you can” Team: Galgotian Swifterzz
  • Innovate 2014 (SRM ModinagarTechfest) : Bagged 3rd prize in Line Follower event
  • NSSC 2014(IIT Kharagpur) : Stood 1st among participating teams in “Conveyor”
  • Stood 3rd in event ‘E-Space: Energy from space’


  • NASA Moonbuggy Race Challenge 2012

Team Name : Daksh

Team Strength : 6

Achievement : Selected for NASA MOONBUGGY MUESEUM

  • NASA Moonbuggy Race Challenge 2013

Team : 2

Team Names: Team Lunartics and Team Daksh II

Achievement : Secured 25th and 29th Rank overallrespectively

  • SAE – NIS Efficycle 2013

Team : Team Zyklus

Team Achievement : 6th in North India, 23rd  Overall (Out of 190 teams)

  • International Go Kart Event  2014

Team : Team Stallion

Team Achievement : Best Marketing Presentation Award

  • Electric Solar Car Vehicle 2014

Team : Team Arka

Team Achievement : Best Acceleration and Braking Award

  • SAE – NIS Efficycle 2014

Team : Team Zyklus

Team Achievement : 4th North India, 32nd Overall (out of 250 teams)


Team : Team Chassis Z

Work in progress. Among top 113 teams (out of initially 492 teams)

G Quasar : Angels &  Demons

G- Quasar 2014, Angels & Demons

G- Quasar 2014, Angels & Demons


The North India’s biggest college festival came back for its another season on 27, 28, 29, 30 March 2014 again in Galgotias University just to raise the bar of excellence and give a new definition to enjoyment, happiness and contentment. This year the fest expanded to 4 day festival with Day 0 being celebrated in Galgotias University Campus 2. The fest saw participation from 80+ universities and colleges all over the country in its much known competitions like Contradanse, Scintillations, Jazba, Naya, Beat Alone and many more. And as usual,  true to its name,  the fest was star studded as Nambardar, SQS Project and Sunidhi Chauhan mesmerized the crowd and brought the energy to the arena. The fest also saw the presence of exhibition of high end Harley Davidson bikes. Inshort, G Quasar once again shined among all the college festivals and surely gave goosebumps to many.

Nirmaan Galgotias Youth Parliament

Nirmaan 2014

Nirmaan 2014


Galgotias University organised a National level Youth Parliament which saw registrations from 25 different Institutions from all over the country. It received huge media coverage and was appreciated by Dr. Mahesh Sharma, Minister of State (Independent),  Tourism, Aviation and Culture. It was an initiative of Abhishek Agarwal, a GU student.
Avalanche 2.0

Avalanche 2.0

Avalanche 2.0


Galgotias University organised the second edition of the famous idea pooling event Avalanche. The event which promoted the unique ideas was initiative of Avadesh Sisodia and IEEE club. It saw participation from over 20 colleges and the event offered lots of prizes.

Student Council

The student council of the Galgotias University is responsible and accountable to look after all the cultural activities in the campus.  Along with the same the council is created as a medium between management and the students and also it plays a major role in organising G Quasar, the annual fest. The Student Council comprises of a seven member team –

GCET Student Council

  • SUDESHNA DAS – 9455736844
  • ADITYA VASHISHT – 9899641226
  • JYOTISH – 9045253703
  • VARDAAN SAMUEL – 9936067692
  • AMAN – 9891831331
  • HARSHIT RAI – 7827675707
  • HARSH BALIYAN – 9971571425

GU Student Council

  • VISHWAJET SINGH – 8743005100
  • ANKIT KUMAR – 9540342879
  • RAHUL KAPOOR – 9711109029
  • ANKIT SRIVASTAVA – 8171273339
  • BILAL KHAN – 8377820798
  • PRATEK SRIVASTAVA – 9650822281
  • INDERJEET SINGH – 8527058305


Ms. Vinnie Mathur, dean, Student Affairs with Chief Guest, Bollywood Superstar, Sunil Shetty in Farewell 2014

Ms. Vinnie Mathur, dean, Student Affairs with Chief Guest, Bollywood Superstar, Suniel Shetty in Farewell 2014


That moment when you are ready to step into the professional world or as everyone lovingly call it as ready to get settled. It is that one evening which is a tribute from juniors to passing out seniors. The seniors who helped them with the notes in time of exams, stood by them in time of difficulties like an elder sibling and made them feel home in the college. It is that one evening where every passing out student remembers his college life, that evening where hethanks to his friends,  hope that they all will be together no matter wherever they go,  makes up the differences with college life enemies and try to finds the words to thank enough to their professors who turned their students into a professional similar to a coal being turned into a diamond.

Galgotias University every year organises a Farewell for all its passing out students which is so eventful that one can remember it throughout their lives. FAREWELL 2014 saw presence of Mr. Suneel Shetty, bollywood star as Chief Guest.

Independence Day Celebrations 

The day which marks the anniversary of success of the brave efforts of our forefathers. The day which reminds us that no matter what caste, creed or religion we are from, we stand united. The day which reminds us that whenever injustice happens to us, we have to raise our voices bravely. The day which reminds us that each drop of our blood belongs to the nation and should be utilized in helping, protecting and progressing the nation. Galgotias University had been celebrating Independence Day with feeling of patriotism. This day the Indian national flag is hoisted in the campus premises along with different cultural activities and motivational Speeches by the senior management faculties which adds to the patriotic feeling of the day.

Friday Fiesta

Friday Fiesta !

Friday Fiesta !


Each Friday, a cultural activity is organised in campus which results in the relaxation from the whole week’s exertion. We host a range of activities like flash mobs, acoustic night, debates, technical and management workshops, nukkad nataks and much more.

Students Blog (OMG: Once More Galgotians)

OMG, Galgotias official Students Blog

OMG, Galgotias official Students Blog


A blog covering all the happenings and events of the Galgotias Educational Institutions. The blog is like an open source platform where the students can send their write ups and get featured with their voices in form of typed words reaching to many. The blog for the students, of the students and by the students and is managed by Abhishek Agarwal, a GU student. The blog address : galgotiasuni.wordpress.com

Blood Donation Camps

Every year at Galgotias, we organize blood donation camps where hundreds of students come forward in large number to donate blood. They are all awarded certificate and a donor card. management, social, cultural, technical and creative

Social Responsibility  

Our students regularly organize and conducts wellness and creative programmes at the campus for the under privileged children from the weaker sections of the society. We have celebrated days like International BOOK Giving Day; Diwali festival; Christmas; World Environment Day and many more. Our University also takes in 2-3 students every year from an NGO UdayanCare and gives scholarship to orphan girls coming from this NGO

Events in Jan – April 2015

G Quasar : NEON

G Quasar 2015, Neon , Annual Galgotias Fest

G Quasar 2015, Neon , Annual Galgotias Fest


Amidst this beautiful fantasy here comes the most awaited kaleidoscopic carnival of the year “The GQuasar 2014” G-QUASAR pledges to take culture and art,creativity and innovation, glamour and excitement beyond the boundaries of imagination. We enter into the aura so deeply that tis’force never lets us go and we are lost in the diversity of events.

As it is said “The brightest don’t have the best of everything they just make the best of everything” And that’s what our name suggests QUASAR which is a kind of galaxy that radiates energy and illuminates the universe with the spark of its glare..

Bollywood bang Stars like Mika Singh, Yo Yo Honey Singh, K.K, Bombay Rockers,Vishal- Shekhar, The british band RDB gracing the fest with their presence in the past, quasar has established itself as the pioneer of entertainment. And a lot more to come…

At Gquasar 2015, We promise you nothing but the best 3 days of your juvenescence. Gquasar today, is a brand of ultimate entertainment; built, graced and maintained by the presence of entertainers of international repute. We crave for excellence no matter what.

Nirmaan Galgotias Youth Parliament

Nirmaan 2015

Nirmaan 2015


Galgotias youth parliament first held in 2012, was one of the first youth parliaments to gain success and garner attention from everywhere possible under the dynamic leadership of upcoming youth icon & eduprenuer himself, Mr. Dhruv Galgotia, CEO, Galgotias Educational Institutuions.. This year in Nirmaan2015 we just don’t intend to create a buzz by serving one of the best platform to the literary freaks, but also to generate a vibe of new thinking to construct or “Nirmaan” a better India.

Galgotias Youth Parliament (GYP) promises to be one of the most challenging events you will ever participate in grooming not only your levels of intellect, but your debating, diplomatic and collaboration skills as well. It would surely be a debate laced with dignity, research and passion.

NIRMAAN, A small step for us, A leap for youth !


Love playing with gadgets?  Have that fire to construct new things and explore,  experiment and innovate new things? Do you have it in you to be the Phunksuk Wangadu of the real world?  METACOGNITION, the technical fest being organised for the first time ever, a two-day event with mind-blowing 20 technical events comprising the need of each technical field. A true engineer can never miss an opportunity like this for sure. The arena is set, engines are revving up, codes are ready to be decrypted and debugged.

Sports Fest : G-Olympia

Honorable Vice Chancellor, Prof Dr. B.V. Babu in G- Olympia

Honorable Vice Chancellor, Prof Dr. B.V. Babu in G- Olympia


Every sports person knows that feeling after you would have worked out or after played a sport cannot be described in words. It’s far bigger than getting any of your favorite gadgets or dresses as gifts. The adrenaline pumping fest just happened in January and was a huge success.

I promise you that the club activities in the year 2015 will be a lot more and would involve thousands of more students in terms of participation.

For any suggestions please send me a mail at Dhruv@galgotiasuniversity.edu.in or contact the Dean student affairs and clubs Ms Vinnie Mathur vinniemathur@galgotiasuniversity.edu.in .

Your feedback will make a huge difference in achieving the goals !

Warm Regards,

Dhruv Galgotia


Galgotias Education Group.

Friday Fiesta : Capture It All

Musical Journey

Students on a musical journey.

Galgotias University which has been known for creating the invincible professionals in the corporate world has always maintained a balance between the academics and the overall development of its students. In addition to its cutting edge and well thought academic curriculum, Galgotias Univesity management has come with a new concept which has been applied in all the disciplines of the university. Throughout the university, you can find a culture of creativity, knowledge sharing, community and collaboration. As each galgotian would be brainstorming in classes and having challenging problems and questions to solve in their breakfast, they would be able to spend the recreation time every Friday for two hours in any way they like.

Mr. Vishwajeet Singh Dogra (Left), Mr. Inderjeet Singh (Center), Mr. Ankit Kumar (Right)

Mr. Vishwajeet Singh Dogra (Left), Mr. Inderjeet Singh (Center), Mr. Ankit Kumar (Right)

The cultural committee would be working hard to create an astounding environment in these hours so your mind can take rest and get back to work with replenished energy level. In Enrique Iglesias words, “Party, karamu, fiesta, forever”, every friday would be a new festival. Friday Fiesta started with a bang true its name as the Camcircle, the photography club of Galgotias University took over the university to capture random beautiful people and moments. Photography is one interesting technology as its raw material is time and light, two things humans could never touch or feel. Also, as we are striving to create a time machine and hopefully we would get one in future, but in photography we are actually freezing time at a certain point, a memory of the past for the future. And our talented photographers of the photography club actually proved that a good camera doesn’t make one a good photographer but its the creativity of a person. Creativity to capture the emotions, creativity to capture the events, creativity to capture the beautiful side of you. Shashi Shekhar, Bhoomika Singh and Sanchali Singhal took initiative on behalf of their club CamCircle to organise this event. In the event they went around capturing beautiful faces in the university whereas some photography enthusiasts approached them with the learning streak. Our friends couldn’t have been more happier to share their knowledge and helped others with information on operating of DSLR/SLR cameras. They were able to finally tap some hidden talent of our university which have been hiding in some dark corners and recruited these photography enthusiasts instantly to their club. Well, a truly Win – Win situation for everyone as all of them couldn’t have been happier. The CamCircle club has been active aggressively since the university started and has captured all great moments of all the legendary events of the university. Some of these talented photography enthusiasts would be covering the upcoming GQuasar as well. Yes, you heard it right, the club which covers the biggest college fest of North India. You surely are craving to be its part by now, well, for more information track them down on Facebook, and drop a message, who knows, you might get lucky 😉

Ms. Vinnie Khanna Mathru, Dean, Student Affairs with Mr. Ankit Srivastava

Ms. Vinnie Khanna Mathru, Dean, Student Affairs with Mr. Ankit Srivastava

This friday, get ready to defend your love , the love for your hobbies, favourite cartoons, movies, etc. as Literary Club of Galgotias University, Lingo Freaks is upcoming with a unique idea of an event while on the other hand the future technocrats or technopreneurs from Technical Club of the university are ready to fuel your knowledge. Stay updated on our Facebook page for more info !

Galgotians on Headlines Today & Aaj Tak

While you are reading this post,  a girl is being raped,  molested or eve teased somewhere in our country. According to stats, 93 women are raped each day in our country. 16th December, 2 years back a medical student living a beautiful life and coming back from an outing with her friend was brutally raped. It was so brutal that even today if you read about it in detail,  it will be nothing less than the nightmare. Recently,  another rape case created the headlines when a well off woman was raped in the Uber cab. These rape cases created buzz all over the country and stirred great debates. Even in the youth parliament organised by our university, Nirmaan included a question which was asked by each participant that whether anything has changed in our country after Nirbhaya Case?  Well,  to be truthful,  all answers disappointed me, all of them said no, nothing has changed!  I mean are you kidding me? We have really progressed after Nirbhaya Case. The quality of rape has really improved. Don’t believe me?  Well,  before Nirbhaya, Teen girls or adult women were unsafe. After Nirbhaya, girls even as small as 2-year-old were raped!  And if someone says these girls provoked the rapist,  well,  I don’t agree. That small girl was wearing a proper dress and moreover even Huggies. Many literate leaders of our country have given statements that girls wear short clothes which provoke men. And recently even Gauhar Khan was slapped for wearing short clothes. Well,  someone please make me understand that how did a dog managed to provoke a man? Did the dog came to the man and said “hey baby,  want to have a good time *wink*”, I don’t think so and it would be tough for me to believe that it was consensual sex. We have to accept it that we live in a country where a Khap leader claims that chowmein is the reason for rape and where we as a citizen or humans have failed in every test of humanity. Nirbhaya and Uber rape cases were gruesome but that doesn’t make any other rape case less gruesome. In every rape case, a girl dies, parents die, her lover dies, her siblings die. Still we just post statuses or get worried about some of the cases. Reason is simple,  because those rape cases were out of the box or done in a different trend. Why?  What is it?  Food,  that cooked differently gives different taste? It’s really a shame that we need a date like 16th December to make us remember that we need to protect women and fight against rape. Why can’t we remember to protect women and treat it as a daily duty?  Anyways, I don’t support death penalty for rapists and neither the life imprisonment. I want each of the such criminal to go under the same torture and pain which they gave to the victim,  so harsh torture that they beg for death. This will be an example for others unlike the situation of present Nirbhaya Case criminals. It has been more than 60 years since our independence and this epidemic has just expanded itself, before it becomes something like corruption which can’t be removed, we, especially youth need to unite and get some laws modified.

” If you prick us, do we not bleed? if you tickle us, do we not laugh? if you poison us, do we not die? and if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?”. – William Shakespeare


Galgotians have always been a step ahead than others in every field and leave no stone unturned in creating a new better definition of excellence every time. Approximately 40 Galgotians became part of a talk show on 16th December 2014.The talk show where prominent leaders of different political parties were present was hosted by Headlines Today and Aaj Tak news channels which are one of the best on their own fields.The fortunate enough Galgotians also became part of it and were involved in the interactions which surely changed the atmosphere of the studio as it led to a healthy brainstorming debate.


We are really thankful to Headlines Today and Aaj Tak for providing Galgotians with an amazing opportunity like this. In the end,  I would just say that its high time to wake up and let’s all create a new year resolution,  we would change the number 93 to 0. It’s not their (Criminals) shame,  It’s ours (Humans).

Suicide: Permanent solution to temporary problem by Kriti Doneria

So you wanna kill yourself? Imagine this.

Your mom sitting next to your lifeless body, Yes,  the very same body that she lulled to sleep. Your dad stands there, stoned. He is yet to accept that the hands that he had held are limp now.They are not sad, just unable to react. A part of them died along with you. You would want to run to them, explain to them all the right reasons you had to do what you did, but it doesn’t matter to them. They spend the rest of their lives thinking that they failed to accomplish a project they took up out of love, you. Your little brother rubs sleep out of his eyes and goes looking for you,only to burst into tears the moment he enters your room. It dawns upon him that you are no longer there to hug him,comfort him and help him. He thinks to himself that he did something that annoyed you real bad, so bad you’re never coming back. He apologizes over and over, but you can’t touch him now. He gets depressed for life, blaming himself. Maybe one day, he too would wear long sleeves in order to hide all those cuts. All your so called reasons to die suddenly seem so selfish that you wanna kill yourself over again. But now,death is as unattractive as it can ever be. It is not the end but an awakening.

Don't kill yourself

Maybe you could have had a shot, had you given your life a chance. Maybe you should have told someone about it. Maybe you could have lived to see all your come true. Now its all dark and gory. You are pulled back into an abyss of birth and rebirth, to pay for your sins. The next time you’re given a human form, your soul mate commits suicide. You neither live nor die,  just hanging there like a zombie you realize all the anguish that you had bought upon people who genuinely loved you.

Anti Suicide


So you reading this, I know you’re looking for a reason to throw away that blade stretched thin on ur skin,  a reason to loosen that noose, a reason to put down that gun. The once happy person that you were still lives in you. Please hold on , it gets better I promise. All this love is a reason enough to try again : people care, we care, I care. Beautiful is what you are, ugly is the society. You deserve a chance ! 

Nukad Naatak by The Actor’s Hub

Stop playing sports, stop socializing, stop wasting time by watching stupid programs on discovery and National geographic,  stop reading newspapers,  stop doing all other stuff and just go to your room and study else you will be nothing in your life. Well,  to all the parents who tell all these stuff to their children,  kindly get those idiotic soap opera and TV programmes banned and maybe IQ of public of whole nation will rise by 10-20%.

Even after movies like Taare Zameen Per and 3 Idiots,  our country wants to force their kid to score high in this holistic education system of the country. When someone asks us to study,  our generation, especially people like me think about gaining knowledge not rushing through the prescribed syllabus and cramming everything up and finally puke it on the answer sheet. But unfortunately,  I am not in position yet to change that.  And those who are won’t take the pain,  even if they do,  our respected jantaa won’t accept it and start a new senseless movement or protest for God knows what reasons.


Well, The Actor’s Hub, the dramatics Society of Galgotias University took everyone by surprise on 28th November as suddenly, the old same boring monotonous lunch break of everyone was filled with new energy. The monotonous sounds of galgotians chattering were silenced as couple of people dressed in white erupted from each corner of the University to gather in the center of canteen area (Yes,  they might be recruited in S. W. A. T. team for this). They all sat in a circle and turn by turn each actor came in between and explained the role which they were playing with help of perfectly scripted dialogues. The play was focused on the academic pressure in our society and was the initiative of The Actor’s Hub to motivate the Galgotians for the upcoming semester end examinations.


The Actor’s of the street play portrayed 2 families with different situations. In the first family,  the much known competition between siblings is shown where one scores 90% and another scores 70% and how the behavior of the parents differ to each one of them. The one with scoring less marks is taunted by everyone so much so as to that he takes his own life in the end. In the second situation, a child is shown who strives to score high and is not satisfied with her present academic performance whereas her parents are satisfied with her performance and asks her to relax and tries to improve her mood. The difference in both situations depicts the  urgent need of change in the mindset of the people.



This amazing activity was carried out under the guidance of Mr. Mayur Chandra , Head Co-ordinator,  The Actor’s Hub. He has been associated with dramatics since couple of years and is an experienced as well as a flawless actor. He has even completed a course from National School of Drama, New Delhi and also possess talent of excellent beat boxing as well as dancing. The team which executed this activity impressively consisted of Shubham,  Arunabh, Kashika, Krishan , Varun, Raghavendra, Shreyas, Varnika, Sonali, Deepika, Rohit, Anamur  and Prashant.

Take a bow people,  you just won many hearts with your talent.  And as you said, All the best Galgotians for your exams!

WIPRO Pre- Joining Presentation

WIPRO, the IT giant was in our campus on 25th of November. Yes, Thank You for repeating our name, OMG !
Before I tell you the reason of the esteemed company’s presence in our campus, let me state a fact. A girlfriend in the college life generally says, “Bab, let’s go to movie, a posh restaurant, or a club. Buy me a new dress or a new cosmetic” but a great girlfriend says, “Study hard, get placed in esteemed company and then come to my home and meet my parents”. Well, hundreds of Galgotians got themselves an answer for backing to talk to their future parents in-laws.
Galgotians dressed smartly in formals and acquiring the look of a professional which could have made the actor of The Social Network jealous (Poor, Eduardo), were ecstatic while attending the Pre- Joining presentation Of WIPRO as they received their job offer letters. A commendable seminar was held for the same by Mr. Vishwanathan Venta Subramanian, Talent Aquisition team which left people wanting more to be part of the WIPRO brand.
How this was different from every time is what you ask? Well , the Galgotias University student were offered an amazing opportunity as they were asked to join the company in January itself ! Yes, they will be employees of the IT giant while completing their engineering.
Galgotias University claims that it creates “possible” future global leaders which I totally disagree. The Galgotias University has left no stone unturned in creating the global leaders which definitely omits the word”possible” from the University’s dictionary. While, I am accustomed to witness all these success of the university, GU has added another feather to its cap.
Want to know the reason for the university climbing up the ladder of success with this pace? All credit goes to Mr. Suneel Galgotia sir, Chairman, GEI and M. Dhruv Gagotia sir , CEO, GEI as they work day and night to make sure that their students hold the management positions in big brands in coming future.
Now, as you continue to remain in shock and our dear competitors are jealous, I am signing out enjoying my cup of coffee, pretty sure of the fact that my future is secured being a Galgotian. Ciao !