10 reasons to attend G Quasar 2015

With 75% attendance criteria, getting debarred fear, assignments, quiz’s, CAT’s, semester exams, internal and external practical exams and now, mid-term practical exams as well, a Galgotian spends his 80% of time each day thinking about his career and academics and well other 20 % is dedicated to sleep and food or else talking to their better halves. This surely makes them deserve a great break, after all, the future CEO’s love to party ( Wolf on the Wall Street style ) . Month of march is the harbinger of excitement amongst the students of Galgotias Educational Institutions. Afterall, it’s the month when they host their Annual techno cultural fest, G Quasar and well, for those of you who don’t know about it (Dear aliens), it’s the biggest college festival among private colleges in North India. G Quasar offers a wide variety of events & activities to choose from. Sounds fun?

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1. North India’s Biggest College Festival among private institutions :

G Quasar, true to its name every year is able to outshine its competitors and make sure that it’s worth watching for their competitors by following a new theme every year with surprise elements added as well.




There are many different kinds of college students, be it the nerds, their wannabe sidekicks, the back-benchers or the ones who are never seen in class. The one thing they’ll all agree to? They love G Quasar. From technical to cultural, there is a wide range of events, enough to suit every individual’s interests and taste! Such a plethora of events, that too, all in one place, at the same time! Prom Night, dance, music, street play, chai pe charcha, date trap, you name it, you’ll have it. Besides all those events, we also have our traditional performing arts’ competitions. There are so many things happening simultaneously at G Quasar at any given point of time. It is truly breathtaking.


Hot girls showing off their legs in mini skirts, overly ambitious geeky nerds who are obsessed with winning every damn technical event out there, tensed organising committee members, cute guys with the shining smiles , Hot hunks with neatly spiked geled hair. In short, the hottest audience of this fest is surely one major reason that it is one of the coolest fest.

All of your devotion and prayers all these 9 days of highly auspicious and spiritual time will be rewarded. And the first indication for the same is G Quasar’s first day falls on the last day of Navratri. All these days you stayed away from proper food or maybe you just had food without onion and garlic. Now as the restrictions go away, what could be a better time to party ?
Afterall, now you can have good food and well, ummm …. 😉

Get ready to be surprised as your professor who striked your attendance for talking in class, unleash his other side . Dancing and singing with your faculty in these 2 days, well, what can be more cooler than that?

Well, college fests are amazing times ! While many love birds break up, the broken hearts find another piece to fit with their’s in the fest. And as I say, Love is never forever, you are meant to be single for never. With so many people with common interests at a single arena, if that’s not cupid indication, then what is? And een if you are into anti dating stuff, does it hurt to not have a great social circle? Well, we believe not 😉

True to his name , his speedy rap skills have led him to be claimed as India’s fastest rapper. Taking up Eminem as idol while creating Punjabi music, he is surely ready to give the audience a memorable time on Sunday, 29th March. Afterall, Swag sadda Desi hai !
8. Sunburn Campus featuring Zaeden & Mile High Club :

Yes it’s true, G Quasar get’s a new surprise this year. Addition of EDM taste to the festival as in association with Sunburn Campus, they have roped in Zaeden & MHC to energize the crowd.
Zaeden, the cutest DJ of the nation (Yes girls, you heard it right) is the first Indian DJ to sign the deal with Spinnin’ Records and as well his remix of Coldplay’s famous song Magic was featured on Hardwell On Air (Yes, EDM lovers, that’s true !).


9 . Theme is NEON :
Neon is fun. Neon is bold. Neon is the future. Neon is you. Others may consider neon having an illusion, but for us, it is about facing realism, embracing true hues of life. Neon like the Youth, is inert until it is enkindled to incinerating energy. Neon is bold like the choices we make. Neon’s vibrancy represents our enthalpy. Pageants would be such a dull affair without neon lights adding an aura to them. The tantalizing dance, titillating music, expressive drama, cosmic literature, enigmatic technical, spectacle fashion, invigorating photography and opulent management events with the interplay of electrifying celebrity performances are ready to impart true shades of joyousness and leave you bedazzled.
10. Last but my favorite, FOOD:
Here’s the best part, incredible food stalls serving a wide variety of food. The best part of our lives, relish it in G Quasar.
There are many uncountable reasons to attend G Quasar, well, am kind of laziness lover so quoted 10 out of them. Will meet you in G Quasar. What? You’re still not coming? You then surely need a doctor.
If you are in your senses, you won’t miss this.
For insider passes, contact registration desks for help whereas outsiders can buy pass via http://www.meraevents.com/event/gquasar.

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