Musical Journey

Students on a musical journey.

Galgotias University which has been known for creating the invincible professionals in the corporate world has always maintained a balance between the academics and the overall development of its students. In addition to its cutting edge and well thought academic curriculum, Galgotias Univesity management has come with a new concept which has been applied in all the disciplines of the university. Throughout the university, you can find a culture of creativity, knowledge sharing, community and collaboration. As each galgotian would be brainstorming in classes and having challenging problems and questions to solve in their breakfast, they would be able to spend the recreation time every Friday for two hours in any way they like.

Mr. Vishwajeet Singh Dogra (Left), Mr. Inderjeet Singh (Center), Mr. Ankit Kumar (Right)

Mr. Vishwajeet Singh Dogra (Left), Mr. Inderjeet Singh (Center), Mr. Ankit Kumar (Right)

The cultural committee would be working hard to create an astounding environment in these hours so your mind can take rest and get back to work with replenished energy level. In Enrique Iglesias words, “Party, karamu, fiesta, forever”, every friday would be a new festival. Friday Fiesta started with a bang true its name as the Camcircle, the photography club of Galgotias University took over the university to capture random beautiful people and moments. Photography is one interesting technology as its raw material is time and light, two things humans could never touch or feel. Also, as we are striving to create a time machine and hopefully we would get one in future, but in photography we are actually freezing time at a certain point, a memory of the past for the future. And our talented photographers of the photography club actually proved that a good camera doesn’t make one a good photographer but its the creativity of a person. Creativity to capture the emotions, creativity to capture the events, creativity to capture the beautiful side of you. Shashi Shekhar, Bhoomika Singh and Sanchali Singhal took initiative on behalf of their club CamCircle to organise this event. In the event they went around capturing beautiful faces in the university whereas some photography enthusiasts approached them with the learning streak. Our friends couldn’t have been more happier to share their knowledge and helped others with information on operating of DSLR/SLR cameras. They were able to finally tap some hidden talent of our university which have been hiding in some dark corners and recruited these photography enthusiasts instantly to their club. Well, a truly Win – Win situation for everyone as all of them couldn’t have been happier. The CamCircle club has been active aggressively since the university started and has captured all great moments of all the legendary events of the university. Some of these talented photography enthusiasts would be covering the upcoming GQuasar as well. Yes, you heard it right, the club which covers the biggest college fest of North India. You surely are craving to be its part by now, well, for more information track them down on Facebook, and drop a message, who knows, you might get lucky 😉

Ms. Vinnie Khanna Mathru, Dean, Student Affairs with Mr. Ankit Srivastava

Ms. Vinnie Khanna Mathru, Dean, Student Affairs with Mr. Ankit Srivastava

This friday, get ready to defend your love , the love for your hobbies, favourite cartoons, movies, etc. as Literary Club of Galgotias University, Lingo Freaks is upcoming with a unique idea of an event while on the other hand the future technocrats or technopreneurs from Technical Club of the university are ready to fuel your knowledge. Stay updated on our Facebook page for more info !


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