While you are reading this post,  a girl is being raped,  molested or eve teased somewhere in our country. According to stats, 93 women are raped each day in our country. 16th December, 2 years back a medical student living a beautiful life and coming back from an outing with her friend was brutally raped. It was so brutal that even today if you read about it in detail,  it will be nothing less than the nightmare. Recently,  another rape case created the headlines when a well off woman was raped in the Uber cab. These rape cases created buzz all over the country and stirred great debates. Even in the youth parliament organised by our university, Nirmaan included a question which was asked by each participant that whether anything has changed in our country after Nirbhaya Case?  Well,  to be truthful,  all answers disappointed me, all of them said no, nothing has changed!  I mean are you kidding me? We have really progressed after Nirbhaya Case. The quality of rape has really improved. Don’t believe me?  Well,  before Nirbhaya, Teen girls or adult women were unsafe. After Nirbhaya, girls even as small as 2-year-old were raped!  And if someone says these girls provoked the rapist,  well,  I don’t agree. That small girl was wearing a proper dress and moreover even Huggies. Many literate leaders of our country have given statements that girls wear short clothes which provoke men. And recently even Gauhar Khan was slapped for wearing short clothes. Well,  someone please make me understand that how did a dog managed to provoke a man? Did the dog came to the man and said “hey baby,  want to have a good time *wink*”, I don’t think so and it would be tough for me to believe that it was consensual sex. We have to accept it that we live in a country where a Khap leader claims that chowmein is the reason for rape and where we as a citizen or humans have failed in every test of humanity. Nirbhaya and Uber rape cases were gruesome but that doesn’t make any other rape case less gruesome. In every rape case, a girl dies, parents die, her lover dies, her siblings die. Still we just post statuses or get worried about some of the cases. Reason is simple,  because those rape cases were out of the box or done in a different trend. Why?  What is it?  Food,  that cooked differently gives different taste? It’s really a shame that we need a date like 16th December to make us remember that we need to protect women and fight against rape. Why can’t we remember to protect women and treat it as a daily duty?  Anyways, I don’t support death penalty for rapists and neither the life imprisonment. I want each of the such criminal to go under the same torture and pain which they gave to the victim,  so harsh torture that they beg for death. This will be an example for others unlike the situation of present Nirbhaya Case criminals. It has been more than 60 years since our independence and this epidemic has just expanded itself, before it becomes something like corruption which can’t be removed, we, especially youth need to unite and get some laws modified.

” If you prick us, do we not bleed? if you tickle us, do we not laugh? if you poison us, do we not die? and if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?”. – William Shakespeare


Galgotians have always been a step ahead than others in every field and leave no stone unturned in creating a new better definition of excellence every time. Approximately 40 Galgotians became part of a talk show on 16th December 2014.The talk show where prominent leaders of different political parties were present was hosted by Headlines Today and Aaj Tak news channels which are one of the best on their own fields.The fortunate enough Galgotians also became part of it and were involved in the interactions which surely changed the atmosphere of the studio as it led to a healthy brainstorming debate.


We are really thankful to Headlines Today and Aaj Tak for providing Galgotians with an amazing opportunity like this. In the end,  I would just say that its high time to wake up and let’s all create a new year resolution,  we would change the number 93 to 0. It’s not their (Criminals) shame,  It’s ours (Humans).


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