So you wanna kill yourself? Imagine this.

Your mom sitting next to your lifeless body, Yes,  the very same body that she lulled to sleep. Your dad stands there, stoned. He is yet to accept that the hands that he had held are limp now.They are not sad, just unable to react. A part of them died along with you. You would want to run to them, explain to them all the right reasons you had to do what you did, but it doesn’t matter to them. They spend the rest of their lives thinking that they failed to accomplish a project they took up out of love, you. Your little brother rubs sleep out of his eyes and goes looking for you,only to burst into tears the moment he enters your room. It dawns upon him that you are no longer there to hug him,comfort him and help him. He thinks to himself that he did something that annoyed you real bad, so bad you’re never coming back. He apologizes over and over, but you can’t touch him now. He gets depressed for life, blaming himself. Maybe one day, he too would wear long sleeves in order to hide all those cuts. All your so called reasons to die suddenly seem so selfish that you wanna kill yourself over again. But now,death is as unattractive as it can ever be. It is not the end but an awakening.

Don't kill yourself

Maybe you could have had a shot, had you given your life a chance. Maybe you should have told someone about it. Maybe you could have lived to see all your come true. Now its all dark and gory. You are pulled back into an abyss of birth and rebirth, to pay for your sins. The next time you’re given a human form, your soul mate commits suicide. You neither live nor die,  just hanging there like a zombie you realize all the anguish that you had bought upon people who genuinely loved you.

Anti Suicide


So you reading this, I know you’re looking for a reason to throw away that blade stretched thin on ur skin,  a reason to loosen that noose, a reason to put down that gun. The once happy person that you were still lives in you. Please hold on , it gets better I promise. All this love is a reason enough to try again : people care, we care, I care. Beautiful is what you are, ugly is the society. You deserve a chance ! 


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