Stop playing sports, stop socializing, stop wasting time by watching stupid programs on discovery and National geographic,  stop reading newspapers,  stop doing all other stuff and just go to your room and study else you will be nothing in your life. Well,  to all the parents who tell all these stuff to their children,  kindly get those idiotic soap opera and TV programmes banned and maybe IQ of public of whole nation will rise by 10-20%.

Even after movies like Taare Zameen Per and 3 Idiots,  our country wants to force their kid to score high in this holistic education system of the country. When someone asks us to study,  our generation, especially people like me think about gaining knowledge not rushing through the prescribed syllabus and cramming everything up and finally puke it on the answer sheet. But unfortunately,  I am not in position yet to change that.  And those who are won’t take the pain,  even if they do,  our respected jantaa won’t accept it and start a new senseless movement or protest for God knows what reasons.


Well, The Actor’s Hub, the dramatics Society of Galgotias University took everyone by surprise on 28th November as suddenly, the old same boring monotonous lunch break of everyone was filled with new energy. The monotonous sounds of galgotians chattering were silenced as couple of people dressed in white erupted from each corner of the University to gather in the center of canteen area (Yes,  they might be recruited in S. W. A. T. team for this). They all sat in a circle and turn by turn each actor came in between and explained the role which they were playing with help of perfectly scripted dialogues. The play was focused on the academic pressure in our society and was the initiative of The Actor’s Hub to motivate the Galgotians for the upcoming semester end examinations.


The Actor’s of the street play portrayed 2 families with different situations. In the first family,  the much known competition between siblings is shown where one scores 90% and another scores 70% and how the behavior of the parents differ to each one of them. The one with scoring less marks is taunted by everyone so much so as to that he takes his own life in the end. In the second situation, a child is shown who strives to score high and is not satisfied with her present academic performance whereas her parents are satisfied with her performance and asks her to relax and tries to improve her mood. The difference in both situations depicts the  urgent need of change in the mindset of the people.



This amazing activity was carried out under the guidance of Mr. Mayur Chandra , Head Co-ordinator,  The Actor’s Hub. He has been associated with dramatics since couple of years and is an experienced as well as a flawless actor. He has even completed a course from National School of Drama, New Delhi and also possess talent of excellent beat boxing as well as dancing. The team which executed this activity impressively consisted of Shubham,  Arunabh, Kashika, Krishan , Varun, Raghavendra, Shreyas, Varnika, Sonali, Deepika, Rohit, Anamur  and Prashant.

Take a bow people,  you just won many hearts with your talent.  And as you said, All the best Galgotians for your exams!


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