WIPRO, the IT giant was in our campus on 25th of November. Yes, Thank You for repeating our name, OMG !
Before I tell you the reason of the esteemed company’s presence in our campus, let me state a fact. A girlfriend in the college life generally says, “Bab, let’s go to movie, a posh restaurant, or a club. Buy me a new dress or a new cosmetic” but a great girlfriend says, “Study hard, get placed in esteemed company and then come to my home and meet my parents”. Well, hundreds of Galgotians got themselves an answer for backing to talk to their future parents in-laws.
Galgotians dressed smartly in formals and acquiring the look of a professional which could have made the actor of The Social Network jealous (Poor, Eduardo), were ecstatic while attending the Pre- Joining presentation Of WIPRO as they received their job offer letters. A commendable seminar was held for the same by Mr. Vishwanathan Venta Subramanian, Talent Aquisition team which left people wanting more to be part of the WIPRO brand.
How this was different from every time is what you ask? Well , the Galgotias University student were offered an amazing opportunity as they were asked to join the company in January itself ! Yes, they will be employees of the IT giant while completing their engineering.
Galgotias University claims that it creates “possible” future global leaders which I totally disagree. The Galgotias University has left no stone unturned in creating the global leaders which definitely omits the word”possible” from the University’s dictionary. While, I am accustomed to witness all these success of the university, GU has added another feather to its cap.
Want to know the reason for the university climbing up the ladder of success with this pace? All credit goes to Mr. Suneel Galgotia sir, Chairman, GEI and M. Dhruv Gagotia sir , CEO, GEI as they work day and night to make sure that their students hold the management positions in big brands in coming future.
Now, as you continue to remain in shock and our dear competitors are jealous, I am signing out enjoying my cup of coffee, pretty sure of the fact that my future is secured being a Galgotian. Ciao !


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